The Briar King

The Briar King  - Greg Keyes I am not a fantasy fiction aficionado. Compared to a lot of people, I'm not even particularly well read in the genre. (Notably, I have yet to pick up George Martin, Terry Brooks, or Terry Goodkind). But I am someone who used to read fantasy regularly and eventually gave up on all but a few authors due to an ever decreasing ability to buy (figuratively or literally) what they were writing.

Greg Keyes is one of the few I kept reading. Now that I've finished book four of this series, I am relieved to say it's been worth it. The plot lines and characterizations are every bit as interesting and compelling as, say, those in Robert Jordan, but without the apparent inability to convey them in fewer than 10,000 pages. Keyes just writes a good story, time and time again.

I also recommend [book: Waterborn] and [book: Blackgod], and especially his Age of Unreason series, beginning with [book: Newton's Cannon].